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About Squeaky's Cheese Curds

The Company

It all started when the founder of Squeaky’s realized there was a void at the Ohio State Fair for cheese curd food trucks in Columbus, Ohio. No one had a cheese curd food truck, he couldn't believe it! After mentioning the need for a cheese curd food truck to the concessions manager at the fair, the opportunity to fill that void was offered.

After many experiments and taste testing the perfect formula was discovered. While offering these delicious cheese curds, our loyal patrons kept asking the same question, ”Where will Squeaky be next?"

At the time we had no where else to go, but realized that was a disappointing answer. The customers would say “you should go to 'this' fair, you should do 'this' festival”. Well, the people have spoken, and Squeaky's heard them. We will be attending as many events as possible, serving up our golden nuggets of Squeaky's Cheese Curds.

Is there is a cheese curd void at your local fair or festival? Send us a message and we will check it out. Check out our upcoming events to view our food truck catering schedule.

The Product

Squeaky’s Cheese Curds are dairy fresh curds that are lightly battered and then deep fried to a golden crisp on the outside with a hot squeaky cheese inside. They are truly delicious.

Our goal is for the cheese curds to come fresh from the dairy and served within 3 days. This guarantees the ultimate freshness and the maximum squeak. We refuse to freeze the product to extend the shelf life.

We are committed to your satisfaction and a quality product. Find our food truck in Columbus, Ohio or in the surrounding areas.

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